Here you can find some of the reviews from our clients, this page will be updated periodically so please check back to find out more:

I enjoyed the treatment. Also pleased with what you were able to tell me etc. All very informative. October 2020

Technical hitch for me leaving feedback but just want to say thank you for a great massage. It was also very relaxing which as you had gauged was just what I needed. October 2020

WOW, what an amazing treatment, I came in feeling flat, tired and generally exhausted, but Jeni created a powerful blend of uplifting and immune boosting essential oils that really did the trick. I have to say I did drop off, but Jen just allowed me to sleep and enjoy it. I was disappointed when I realised the moves she was doing were at end of my treatment not the beginning. I felt like a new person, re-energised and raring to go! I love the extra cream it’s always a little treat for myself between appointment and there’s always enough for a couple of weeks, and it does transport me back to the couch. Thank you x

I love my monthly Aroma-Reflex treatment, Jeni always manages to blend just the right combination of oils to support the way I feel on the day, there’s enough left over to last between treatment, I’ve even had a large pot of my favourite blend and I love it. It’s important to take time out for yourself and this is definitely a luxury affordable treat!

I really thought it was mumbo jumbo, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Wasn’t sure what to expect as I usually see Jeni for sports massage, however on this occasion I had hurt my shoulder at the gym and it was too painful to move. Jeni offered the Aromatology and I truly thought is this going to do anything? However, after the full consultation and the treatment I could move my arm with a massive reduction in the pain. The home blend was delightful, I did as I was told and that definitely was the key. I don’t hesitate to go and see Jeni just for a top up “potion” if needed, and have enjoyed other treatments that she does.

Jeni has helped support my Eczema/Psoriasis with several home blends (I am no longer using the prescription Steroid Cream). She is patient and re-blended until she was happy that the blend was doing what she wanted it to (her understanding and knowledge of the skin is excellent and she always explains everything fully and clearly). I have also enjoyed other treatments with Jeni.

Just want to say a big “Thank You” I had the most amazing treatments yesterday I had nails done,eye lashes and brows dyed……..but the Jeni did me a Reiki treatment and oh my goodness I was blown away afterward I felt like I was walking on air so calm …..and last night I slept like a baby the first time I had done that for a long time

I arrived for my monthly ‘me time’ treatments tense, on edge and carrying a whole load of emotional baggage I needed to let go of. Following a professional consultation and 3 bespoke aromatherapy treatments specifically tailored to my emotional and physical needs (this time my aroma reflexology treatment included Thai foot / leg massage and some Indonesian massage techniques chosen intuitively by Jeni – which incidentally were AMAZING!), I felt a huge emotional shift of emotional and physical tension and energy which has left me both totally relaxed and drained (in a good way!).
If you haven’t yet tried a treatment with BroughtonTherapies, you are missing out on an holistic therapy experience like none other. I am not a returning client because Jeni is my friend; of course she is, but she is also an unique and talented aromatherapist for whom I have the utmost professional respect. I pay for my treatments, I expect the best and I receive the best holistic experience in her wonderful new clinic in Anstey. Try it for yourselves; you will not be disappointed.

I have had the most amazing treatment I was walking over to one side had a painful back a stiff neck …..but when Jeni had finished with me … I was standing straight my neck feels wonderful ….thanks you Jeni your amazing …….

I’ve been meaning to let you know how much I love my chakra sprays. They are absolutely divine! They help me to sleep and they’re perfect to
Spritz when things are hectic. I can’t believe how heavenly they smell too! Our new house has been sprayed and cleared, I feel that our energy has been able to move in now