Clinic Update

Well I've been back in the clinic since 6th August and the time has flown by! I'd like to thank all my returning clients and new clients for supporting me…

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5 Top Tips to Flip Flop Feet!

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This blog is about getting your flip flop feet ready. Brighter mornings and lighter evenings are just around the corner. Therefore, with the better weather bring the flip flops, I’ve dusted mine off ready to go. I’m that person that once they’re out nothing else will be warn!!!


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Who are Wren Holistics

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Wren Holistics offer a variety of Treatments for your wellbeing, these include Sports Massage, Holistics, Beauty and Nails. Our business is totally customer focused and each treatment is specifically tailored for your needs, using our knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the perfect treatment every time.

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Welcome to the first Smell to be Well blog of 2018!

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The year is well underway but for many it’s seen the year start with a bug or two! I’ve been lucky (she says reaching for a large piece of wood) and managed to avoid it, however I’ve had several clients visit feeling under the weather, a few cancellations and more than a number of colleagues asking for a magic potion to make them feel better and keep them working.

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DIY Perfume Tutorial

As we head into the winter months, we often find that our choice of perfume changes.  We look to the intensely warming and nurturing smells that make us feel warm and cosy! This DIY Perfume Tutorial will help you do that

Descriptive words like intoxicating, confident and provocative are all used in the glossy magazines to entice you into spending a small fortune as we head into one of the busiest times of the year for the Perfume market!

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