WAXING the Waxu Way!

About the brand

As the original specialist waxing salon in the Midlands, Waxu’s founder believed that there was a need for better waxing techniques, especially in the area of intimate waxing. As the original Waxing Queen, she set out to develop a technique that would revolutionize the UK’s waxing treatments. The Waxu technique is virtually pain-free and generations apart from a regular bikini wax. The Waxu Signature Brazilian Wax is now almost pain-free and a new generation in bikini waxing treatments. Our client base travels the length of the country for Waxu’s Signature bikini waxing range. Waxing is in our blood, and once you have been “Waxu’d” you’ll never want to wax anywhere else!

Wren Holistics Story!

Waxing wasn’t my favourite treatment (both to give or receive) until I joined the Waxu Family!

My first experience was in the middle of the NEC at a beauty exhibition (I was in a tiny treatment room – lay on my back wondering “what have I let myself in for”). However, I was totally blown away by the product, speed and painless procedure that I signed up for my training! I can’t tell you how pleased I was to find a product that wasn’t messy, sticky or as painful as other brands I’d experienced. As a therapist I want my customers to enjoy their waxing experience not reach for the pain killers before they arrive!

So, Broughton Therapies now use specialist intimate waxing brand waxu for all of our Wax treatments. Waxu express intimate wax is the next generation in intimate waxing; a salon grade specialist intimate waxing collection that revolutionizes hair removal.

What happens during the waxing?

Whether you want all hair off, or anything in-between, our waxing specialists are happy to oblige! Don’t be shy, you tell us what hair you want removing and we will take it off for you, in the most pain-free way possible. This is a luxury express waxing experience!

We use only the best products on your skin, so there are no cold “stingy” tea tree lotions, just luxury soothing pre and post-waxing oils. All our techniques are exclusive to Waxu, so don’t settle for 2nd best.

Whether you’re booking for our Signature intimate wax or a modest bikini, we use a combination of the world’s leading waxes. Your Waxu Specialist will use strip-less (hot) wax and an intimate strip wax to achieve you perfect results.

We look forward to keeping you hair-free and with a warm and genuine welcome, we will ensure your experience is one you’re looking forward to repeating (honest!!).


Removes all hair starting from the edge of your pant line right through to your inner and outer labia. All hair around your anus. Leaves a strip on your pubic mound a width and length of your choice, which you can discuss with your Waxu therapist. The strip is optional and we can remove it if you’d prefer. We don’t charge extra for removing your strip as our signature wax is so thorough that it only takes us a second to remove it for you.


Removes hair starting from the outside of your pant line in towards your outer Labia. A larger sized strip is left on the top and hair is left in a thicker line right the way down to the anus. Anus hair can be removed in this treatment if required. This treatment is particularly suited to someone wanting a thicker strip on top and hair leaving right the way through.


Removes Hair from the pant line and a small way in leaving a fuller hair growth pattern on the top of the pubic area. Tidies hair around the inside of the legs. This treatment is more modest and would remove all hair growth that would stray out of a basic pant line.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions; don’t be shy!