Aromatology is the use of Essential Oils in higher concentration, either on the skin or internally (capsules/pessary/suppository).

The majority of clients who visit Broughton Therapies for Aromatology have a skin based treatment with home treatment consisting of Cream/Lotion, however this will always depend on the requirements of the client and the condition we support.

The treatment is very relaxing, you will have a full consultation which can take 30/45 minutes, where your therapist will discuss the reasons behind your visit, any medical history you have and discuss the outcome you would like from your treatment.

We select Aromatherapy oils according to their chemistry and the function this has in supporting your condition. We ask you to undress (depending on what area is being treated) and get on the couch, and apply heat to warm the area, we then apply your Oil Blend, occluded with Cling Film, covered and you are left (although regularly checked) to enjoy!

During your time on the couch, between 20-30 minutes, your Therapist will blend any home treatment products that you require.

We advise to leave the wrap in place for approximately 2hrs to ensure the full benefits of the treatment. Home treatments are given with full ingredients and directions for use.

You may need a course of treatments and and we discuss this in detail, together with your home treatment. For many clients they return for repeat a of the home treatment blend, although many do enjoy booking some “time out” for themselves!

As with all treatments, we sit you up and give a glass of water, together with any aftercare advice.

Aromatology Testimonials:

I really thought it was mumbo jumbo, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I usually see Jeni for sports massage, on this occasion I had hurt my shoulder and it was painful moving. Jeni offered the Aromatology and I truly thought is this going to do anything? However, after the full consultation and the treatment I could move my arm with a massive reduction in the pain. The home blend was delightful, I did as I was told and that definitely was the key. I don’t hesitate to go see Jeni just for a top up if needed, and enjoy other treatments that she does.

Jeni has helped support my Eczema/Psoriasis with several home blends (I am no longer using the prescription Steroid Cream). She is patient and re-blended until she was happy that the blend was doing what she wanted it to. (her understanding and knowledge of the skin is excellent and she always explains everything fully and clearly). I have also enjoyed other treatments with Jeni.